Silvana Janevski - RYT-500

My yoga journey began in 2006 while visiting a beautiful resort in Cancun.  The hotel offered many amenities, one of which was daily yoga with an amazing instructor, Petra Ver Eecke, originally from Belgium. I gave yoga a try and found myself coming to my mat every morning, craving a little more after each class. Over the years, we ended up vacationing at the same resort and luckily found ourselves running into the same yoga instructor. My passion for yoga began to grow with each encounter.  Petra’s presence, calmness, and caring demeanor helped melt away any life stressors, made me feel more grounded and gave me the emotional strength to work through anything.  I grew to admire her character and qualities and often wondered if I too could help create this passion of yoga for others.  I decided to look into the Yoga Immersion Training at PYR in 2015.  It was finally the fall of 2017 that I took the plunge and committed to completing the training.  During the 200 hour RYT certification, I began to learn how essential it is to take care of yourself by making an effort to routinely come to your mat. Although yoga appears to be primarily a physical practice, with an emphasis on flexibility, yoga encourages the use of a strong and guided breath, that also helps strengthen your emotional and mental wellbeing.  Brent and Sheri’s guidance through this yoga journey has been unbelievable and the best experience I could ask for.  I am so grateful in the opportunity to be surrounded amongst a beautiful yoga community at both the Plymouth and Northville Yoga Room studios. I hope to see you in one of my classes! Namaste, Silvana